Spritz Pear & Raspberry

Sweet raspberries, juicy pears and light bubbles. A match made in heaven. Or rather, in the fridge. Chill a bottle of J2O Spritz, or if you want to be really fancy, in an ice bucket. Fun tip: J2O Spritz is best served without ice, to preserve the delicate flavours and buoyant bubbles. If we’re talking food, try matching this little number with sweet and fruity dishes.


Perfect serve

Chill a bottle of J2O Spritz Pear & Raspberry in the fridge or, for an elegant touch, an ice bucket.

Pour into a champagne flute and serve. Voila!

(A top tip - J2O Spritz is best served without ice, to protect its delicate flavours and light bubbles.)


What's in it?

Carbonated Water (that's the H2O part), Fruit Juices from Concentrate (that's the J2O part) (Pear 10%, Raspberry 2%), Sugar, Acid (Citric Acid) (an acid discovered in 1784), Flavourings, Stabiliser (Pectin), Natural Colour (Anthocyanins), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (Sucralose)

The nutrition bit (per 100ml)

Energy 86kJ/20kcal
Fat 0g
Of which Saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 4.7g
Of which Sugars 4.7g
Protein 0g
Salt 0.01g